It’s Not His Fault: Understanding My Child’s Relationship Patterns


Trauma experienced in early childhood, impacts a child's relationships, even later in life. As parents of children with trauma, we might not always understand why it might be difficult for our child to form healthy relationships . We might find ourselves wondering if they will be able to attach to us, be good friends or […]


Is My Child Angry or Scared? Recognizing My Child’s Fear Responses

Many times when a child who has live through trauma is operating with fear, it looks like they are angry. Fear bullies children to display what looks like bad behavior . It can be frustrating, as parents, to not recognize where the behavior is coming from and easier to react to their behavior than the […]


Parent Support: Leaving Room for Myself

Parenting children from a hard place can leave us feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. We might feel like we are being pulled into every direction-- school drop off, therapist appointments, family committments and behvioral issues-- and have no room for ourselves. It is so importantant that we learn how to meet our own needs as […]


The Impact of Trauma on a Child’s Behavior

Trauma experienced in early childhood can lead to frustrating behaviors in children. As parents of children with trauma, we might not always understand the "why" behind our child's behavior. We might even catch ourselves thinking, "why don't you just act your age?" In this session, we will take a closer look into how our children […]


Avoiding Meltdowns Through Proactive Correction

As parents, we can run out of strategies to help us correct our children's overwhelming behaviors. Proactively correcting the patterned behavior our children express can help reduce our frustration, as parents. In this session, we will explore the TBRI® Strategies of Correcting to help us expand our parenting tools. Our parent coaching sessions are workshops […]


How to Lead Challenged Teens

Dirigo Collaborative 1615 Scottsdale Dr, Suite 200A, Leander, TX, United States

A Trauma-Informed Care Training for those who work with the next generation. Having a trauma-informed lens is essential when working with those who have experienced trauma. A trauma-informed program considers one’s whole story and creates a safe atmosphere where every individual can learn, heal, and receive nurturing care. In this training, participants will learn how […]