What part will you play?

There is a role for all of us. Whether caring for a child in your home or providing support to a child or family, there is no insignificant role.

The Five Needs of Foster Care

We desperately need more foster and adoptive families, but change doesn’t stop there. We know the task can be overwhelming, so we have identified 5 major areas of need within the foster care system:

  • family preservation,
  • foster care,
  • adoption,
  • aging-out and
  • supporting roles.

When there is adequate support and volunteers within all these 5 categories, then we can confidently say that we are working to solve the foster care crisis. What role will you play?

Everyone Can Play a Part

  • 1400 kids in foster care in Travis, Willamson, Hays Counties
  • Foster homes are most needed for children age 6 and over
  • Children in care can move on average 6 times not due to the system, but because the foster family is not prepared to care for the child
  • Moving and inconsistent care can cause more trauma in a child than the original abusive environment
  • Minority ethnic group children over 2 years old have a greater risk of aging out of the system than being adopted
  • An estimated 250 children are available for adoption– many are sibling groups or teens
  • Adoption from the foster care system costs little to nothing
  • All children, no matter if adopted at infancy, will have trauma, but all children can reach dramatic levels of healing through trauma-informed parenting
  • Over 70% of children in care will return to their biological families
  • After ensuring safety, the State’s top priority is to return children to their families
  • Biological families need more support than State requirements to break cycles of abuse, poverty, addiction, etc
  • Most children in foster care have parents who were also in foster care
  • Teens are given the choice at 18 to extend their time in foster care until 21 or they can leave
  • 40% of those who age-out are homeless in the first year • 66% are incarcerated in the first year
  • 70% of females are pregnant by their 21st birthday
  • Long-term relationships are required to change the future of aged-out teens
  • There are many opportunities to serve foster and adoptive families including CASA, meals, mentoring, prayer, babysitting certification, financial support for camps or sports, backpack drives, compassion for foster/ adoption families, etc
  • Isolation is often a family’s first and most problematic response when they are in crisis with a child

Hear From Current Foster/ Adoptive Parents

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“We would be lost without the knowledge and support given through Fostering Hope.”

Kenny CampAdoptive Parent

“FHA's mission to educate, equip and empower churches to serve foster families and the children under their care has made a huge difference in the work we do with the Starry emergency shelter. We could not do what we do without the support FHA provides.”

Doug UyechiFoster Parent and Children’s Emergency Shelter Manager

“While parenting kids from hard places isn't always easy, before FHA we didn't really know if it was even possible.”

Beth FegerFoster-to-Adopt Parent