You Can Be a Great Foster Family

Have you been praying about being a foster parent but aren’t sure if you can do it? We get that.

If you are called to foster or adopt, you can do it and we, along with the others in our community, can help.

One of the most common and real fears in foster care is that you will put your heart and soul into caring for a child, sometimes for months or years, only to have that child return to their family of origin.

But we hope you understand that the time a child spends in your home can be so critical to the healing of an abused or neglected child, and it can potentially have a very positive impact on the child’s biological family as well. Foster children desperately need caring adults to enter into their distress, to help them heal and learn to trust again.

And the best news is that, if you choose to foster, you won’t have to travel that path alone. Contact us if you feel you need guidance.