Foster Care Babysitting Training Certification

Foster families are in need of community support, and everybody can play a role! Become a part of a foster family’s support team by providing short-term childcare. When you sign up, you will go through the process of becoming certified and attend training that will give you the tools to care for a child in foster care.


Join us at our next Babysitting Certification Training on July 22nd, 2023!


*This training is for those who are 21+ looking to offer short-term childcare (up to 72 hours) for licensed foster families in the Greater Austin area.

Sign up today & begin your paperwork process immediately!

(See required Babysitting Document List & FAQs below for more guidance)

The training will take place in one day, in-person:

Session 1

Trauma Informed Care, Administering Meds & Safe Transportation


Session 2

CPR & First Aid Certification


Babysitters Give Hope

Trauma-informed, certified babysitters give foster families the support they need to build stronger families!

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We are so glad you have decided to support foster families and children in our community!

(Before registering, review Babysitting Document List & FAQ's below.)

Steps to Becoming a Babysitter:

1. Complete Registration for event.

2. Register for Fostering Hope's online portal, Moxo*. You will receive an invitation with your confirmation email that will prompt you to initiate the paperwork process. You will use this portal to securely submit paperwork and communicate with Fostering Hope staff & your chosen CPAs.

*Moxo is engineered with best-in-class security and compliance including SOC III, GDPR, and PSD2. Bank-level security standards.

4. Submit your Application, Photo ID, & SSN card through the portal.

5. Complete Fingerprinting process

6. Start submitting paperwork through the portal.

Note that there is a recent change regarding the Recognizing & Reporting Child Sexual Abuse training. This is an additional state requirement that is online training. Your chosen CPA will need to log you in individually for you to be able to access the training module.

7. Attend Training Day with Fostering Hope: Trauma-Informed Care for Babysitters, Administering Medications and Safe Transportation

8. Attend CPR and First Aid training (same day as training)

*If you have received your CPR/First Aid certification in the last 12 months, your cards are valid & you are not required to participate in the CPR/First Aid portion of the training.

9. All required paperwork is submitted through the Moxo portal. Which ensures it is received securely by your agency.

See FAQ section below.

*Please note we do not offer refunds for this training. Scholarships and referral discount codes are available upon request.

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Steps to Becoming a Babysitter

1. Complete Event Registration 

2. Submit the Application and photo ID to your primary agency through our bank-level secure portal.  This initiates the background check process.

3. Complete Fingerprinting

5. Collect All Paperwork

6. Complete Babysitter Training

7. Complete CPR & First Aid Training

8. Submit All Paperwork

Please purchase registration for each participant attending the training.

*Please note we do not offer refunds for this training. Scholarships and Referral discount codes are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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