Our next

Babysitting Training

is in July 2021!


Registration is now open!

( … & you don’t want to miss out!)

Registration will close on July 9th … or once all spots are filled.

Before registering, you must already have a primary foster family/agency selected.

(See FAQs below for more guidance.)

There will be 2 training sessions you will be required to join through Zoom.

Session 1 for CPR/First Aid will be on Thursday July 15th from 6:30pm-9:30pm. The second for  Babysitting Training, Medication Administration and Transportation training on Saturday July 24th from 9:00am-12:30pm . Both of these trainings must be attended live over Zoom to receive your certificates and become certified.

Participating Agencies:  Arrow, CPS, Circles of Care, Depelchin, Divinity Family Services, Giocosa, Helping Hand Home, Pathways, PCHAS, SAFE, Settlement Home, STARRY and Upbring

We are so glad you have decided to support foster families and children! 

(Please read through all the FAQs below before registering.)

There will be 2 training sessions you will be required to participate in. The first for CPR/First Aid certification and the second for Babysitting Training . Both of these trainings MUST be attended over Zoom (live) to receive your certification and the certificates to be sent to your chosen agencies.

Fees –

Training Registration: $20.00 (Due at time of registration)*

Background Checks: $37.00 (This will be paid separately)

Steps to Becoming a Babysitter-

1. Identify your Foster Family

This is necessary to register for our training. If you have not identified a family, but would like to attend the certification training, please visit our FAQs section below to see ways to get connected to a foster family.

2. Complete Event Registration

3. Watch Instructional Video

4. Complete Fingerprinting

5. Collect All Paperwork

6. Receive TB test and Results

7. CPR and First Aid training online

8. Attend Babysitting training online

9. Paperwork Drop-Off

Please purchase one ticket for EACH participant attending the training.

*Please note we do not offer refunds for this training. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For this training, we require you to have a foster family chosen to serve before registering for the training.

Here are some ways we suggest getting connected to a foster family –

  1. Ask your local church leaders to see if there is a ministry or family in your community they can connect you to.
  2. Reach out to an agency in our collaboration to see if they can connect you to a family in your area.
  3. Check discussion boards, community events and your neighbors to see if there is a foster family in need.
  4. Utilize your platforms like social media, parent groups or other groups you are a member of.

Registration is $20.  Fingerprinting is $37 for each person who gets fingerprinted.  Fostering Hope works hard to find donations and sponsors to cover the TB tests and CPR to make it easier financially for people.

If you bring a foster care child into YOUR home to babysit, every person 14 years or older in the home must be background checked.  Anyone, 18 years and older, who anticipates being left alone with the foster child must have a background check AND go through the certification. An exception to this is if you want to work with Helping Hand Home and Circles of Care who require you to be 21 years to babysit. If you must have more than 2 people background check in your household and this becomes a financial barrier, please contact us.

Work really hard to complete it!  We want to encourage the agencies and foster families with babysitters trained and ready to go!  The list of requirements are available to download before you register. Please take a look and determine before you sign-up that you will complete them!

Arrow, Circles of Care, CPS, Depelchin, Divinity Family Services, Giocosa, Helping Hand Home, Pathways, PCHAS, SAFE, STARRY, Settlement Home, and Upbring.  Thank you to all the partner agencies!

Not at this time but when we do this again, we will open it up to other agencies who are a part of the Adoption Collaborative through Partnerships for Children OR the Travis Count Collaborative for Children.

All the agencies have agreed on the same requirements, however, it didn’t seem like a good idea for anyone to be called by all of the different agencies for a babysitting request.  Three choices gives you flexibility but still keeps you from getting over-run by requests.  You can add other agencies within a year if you choose to work with another agency.

No. The training we provide on is based on Trust-based Relational Intervention which is an evidence-based trauma-informed care training.  There are no requirements to attend a church or be of a religious preference to be a part of this babysitting certification.

We are hopeful that no one uses babysitting as an income, but as a service to foster parents.  There are no requirements for foster parents to pay for babysitting and it is up to the babysitter, foster family and agency to decide if there will be compensation.

Anyone left alone with the child or who has consistent interaction with the child must have a TB test.

As long as you have done it in the past 8 months, just bring a copy of the results documented for each agency you work with.

If your certification is less than 12 months old, then you do not need to do it again.  Bring a copy of the certificate or card to Training Day for each agency you work with.

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