We’re committed to building stronger foster and adoptive families through training, mentoring, and church ministry development. We empower families and church leaders who want to offer a holistic solution to the foster and adoption crisis, while working with other community partners to achieve this goal.

Vision: A healing family for every child.

Mission: Equip families, churches and organizations to transform the lives of foster and adopted children.


We engage people and churches into the foster care system by helping them navigate the system and explore how their gifts and skills can impact the life of a child.


We equip families, churches, and organizations with the latest in trauma-informed care. Through training and coaching, we promote connection and healing for children and families.


We innovate new programs and models to fill gaps for families and children. We create solutions in our community that can be replicated in other Texas communities.

Your gift to Fostering Hope will bring hope and healing to families and children in great need, and it will enable more churches to engage meaningfully in the foster and adoption community! Thank you for supporting our work.

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