Be confident in your next step.​

Whether you are exploring ways to get involved or are looking for ways to respond to the needs of foster and adoptive families, we want to help you wisely discern your next step and empower you to make a difference in the life of a child or family. ​

Programs and Services: I Said Yes, Ministry Development, Make Ready, Consultation, AFAH, Babysitting

Learn strategies that heal and actually work.

Traditional parenting strategies may do more harm than good. Learn specific attachment-based, trauma-informed strategies so you can connect with your child and confidently meet their unique needs.​

Trainings:  Parent Coaching, Trauma-training, Access to the Experts

Have a soft place to land when things are hard.

Parenting children with a history of trauma is hard. We have been there ourselves. But you never have to do the hard things alone. We are committed to walking alongside you with empathy and care.  ​

Programs and services:  Parent mentoring and consultations

Gain community that feeds your soul.

When your community is stronger, you are stronger to help your child heal. This is why we encourage and train churches, support teams, and organizations so that they understand what it’s like to parent a child with trauma. When your community “gets you”, you can go that extra mile.​​

Programs and Trainings:  Babysitting, Compassion Building Presentations, Ministry Development

Be a Part of This Story

Partner with us and start transforming our foster and adoptive community.