It’s Not His Fault: Understanding My Child’s Relationship Patterns


Trauma experienced in early childhood, impacts a child's relationships, even later in life. As parents of children with trauma, we might not always understand why it might be difficult for our child to form healthy relationships . We might find ourselves wondering if they will be able to attach to us, be good friends or […]


The Impact of Trauma on a Child’s Behavior

Trauma experienced in early childhood can lead to frustrating behaviors in children. As parents of children with trauma, we might not always understand the "why" behind our child's behavior. We might even catch ourselves thinking, "why don't you just act your age?" In this session, we will take a closer look into how our children […]


Avoiding Meltdowns Through Proactive Correction

As parents, we can run out of strategies to help us correct our children's overwhelming behaviors. Proactively correcting the patterned behavior our children express can help reduce our frustration, as parents. In this session, we will explore the TBRI® Strategies of Correcting to help us expand our parenting tools. Our parent coaching sessions are workshops […]


TBRI® for Teens: Correction

In this Parent Support Session, we will look deeper into how to incorporate the correction strategies from TBRI®for teens. Correction is about looking at the need behind the behavior and meeting that need. We might believe our teen has the same skills as their peers, but because trauma impacts development, we will have to teach […]


When Fear Bullies Your Child

Fear bullies our children that come from a hard place. Learning strategies to maximize their sense of safety is essential for healing. Our parent coaching sessions are online training with a small number of participants. This week we will dive into understanding how fear impacts a child's behavior, causing them to respond with flight, fight, […]


Partnering with Fostering Hope for Ministry Development

Fostering Hope can equip your church to build a foster and adoption ministry that will serve and lead in the foster care community. Family is the primary source of healing for the hurting child and families look to their church community for inspiration and direction. Fostering Hope will describe their plans to support 150 foster […]


Fostering Hope Babysitting Certification Training (Virtual)

We are so glad you have decided to support foster families and children in your community! Our February event will now be OFFERED VIRTUALLY! Registration is now open and will close on February 5th (or whenever tickets are sold out). There will be a one-day 2-part training you will be required to participate in virtually. […]


A Future and A Hope Conference 2022

First Baptist Church of Georgetown 1333 W University Ave, Georgetown, TX, United States

A Future and A Hope Conference is an adoption and foster conference that has been a part of the Austin community for over a decade.  Learn about foster care, adoption, and trauma-informed care at AFAH 2022. There will be something for everyone: sessions for exploring foster care and adoption, for post-adoptive families, kinship caregivers, and […]

$30 – $50

Avoiding Power Struggles: The Power is Mine to Share

When we don't see the meaning behind behaviors, we are at risk of entering into a power struggle with our children. Children who have experienced trauma have overwhelming behaviors. As parents, we must see the meaning behind the behavior and meet the need for our child to prevent power struggles and optimize healing. In this […]


Healthy Home Coach Interest Meeting

Covenant Presbyterian Church 3003 Northland Dr., Austin, TX, United States

Give parents what they needed and missed a generation ago. Become a Healthy Home Coach for a parent who needs the relational support to parent their child and create a healthy home. As a coach, you will be a part of an outstanding team including counselors, case managers, attorneys, and judges. Your role is clear: walk alongside a […]


Where Do I Begin? Applying trauma-informed practices today.

One of the difficult parts about new interventions or information is how to start applying it to your life TODAY. Come join other foster and adoptive parents for a time of virtual learning, support, and discussion led by one of our Fostering Hope staff as we talk about the application of trauma-informed care. We will […]


The Sleep Struggle: Understanding the effects of adversity on sleep.

Why don’t you just sleep?! Many of the reoccurring struggles for behavioral issues we hear most from parents of children and youth who have experienced loss, trauma, and separation is sleep health. Specifically, the lack of it. It not only affects the behaviors of our children but ours too. Come join other foster and adoptive […]


Parent Support: We want to hear from you!

Parent's Choice Topic (TBD) We want to hear from YOU! Throughout this quarter, parents attending Parent Sessions will be consulted on what topic(s) are most relevant to them. We will work collaboratively to choose a topic and receive expert coaching together. If you have any questions, you can contact the Parent Development Coordinator at [email protected]