Training to Fit Your Needs and Schedule

With meaningful support and practical coaching from experienced practitioners, you can start experiencing real transformation in your home, church, or organization.

For Parents

We want to help you parent from a place of hope and rest. And we know that traditional parenting strategies may do more harm than good for kids who have experienced foster care or adoption. Learn practical strategies that you can implement in your home from trainers who "get it". You'll leave with the knowledge and encouragement to parent in a connected way.

For Professionals

If you are a teacher, social worker, camp counselor, or work in an organization that serves children and families and want to bring trauma-informed care to your team, you can request a training to fit your organization's needs. Gain knowledge about how trauma impacts the body, brain, and behavior and learn strategies that can be implemented in your program right away!

For Churches

The foster and adoptive community desperately needs the church community. And they need the church to understand children from hard places and the unique joys and challenges when parenting them. Learn how to create safe spaces for all children and families in your ministry.


Need Something For Your Team? Request a Training!

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Introduction to Foster Care

Be confident in your next step! Learn more about the 5 Needs in the Foster Care Community and how you can play a vital role in caring for a child and family.  This presentation will provide statistics about the foster children and families of origin, and a high-level view of the organizations and agencies in the foster care system.  We will also share the basic process of how children come into care and how to become a foster or adoptive family.

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Foster Care Babysitter Training

Foster families are in need of community support, and everybody can play a role!  Become a part of a foster family's support team by babysitting. When you sign up, you will go through the process of becoming certified and attend training that will give you the tools to care for a child in foster care.


Parent Support Sessions

Our understanding team of attachment and trauma specialists has helped thousands of foster and adoptive families find hope and healing using attachment-based, trauma-informed practices. We’ll help you learn to use tools and strategies that actually work. With meaningful support and practical coaching from experienced practitioners, you can start experiencing real transformation in your own home. ​

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