photo for Kori Gough

Kori Gough

We were asked to facilitate an overhaul of the DFPS monthly Foster/Adopt Information Sessions, we immediately contacted Fostering Hope. We utilized their expertise to transform the multiple documents, emails, slides…

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photo for Vicki Hood

Vicki Hood

I knew our church needed a foster ministry but I did not know where to start. FHA’s leaders took me under their wings and encouraged and supported me. Our church…

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photo for Beth Feger

Beth Feger

While parenting kids from hard places isn’t always easy, before FHA we didn’t really know if it was even possible.

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photo for Doug Uyechi

Doug Uyechi

FHA’s mission to educate, equip and empower churches to serve foster families and the children under their care has made a huge difference in the work we do with the…

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