Parent Support: Leaving Room for Myself

Parenting children from a hard place can leave us feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. We might feel like we are being pulled into every direction-- school drop off, therapist appointments, family committments and behvioral issues-- and have no room for ourselves. It is so importantant that we learn how to meet our own needs as […]


Can She Handle The Truth? Talking to My Child About Her Story

Many times kids from a hard place have hard questions about their story. It is crucial that we are able to help them process their story. As parents of children with trauma, we might find it hard to talk to our children about their difficult story. We might find ourselves wondering if we will retraumatize […]


The Science of Hope

There is hope for children who have experienced adversity! In this introductory session, we will review the neuroscience and attachment research, and develop an understanding of how the heart, mind, body, and soul heal from complex trauma. This training can grow our compassion and lead to healing, transformation, and hope in the life of the […]


Fostering Hope Babysitting Certification Training (Virtual)

We are so glad you have decided to support foster families and children in your community! Our February event will now be OFFERED VIRTUALLY! Registration is now open and will close on February 5th (or whenever tickets are sold out). There will be a one-day 2-part training you will be required to participate in virtually. […]


Where Do I Begin? Applying trauma-informed practices today.

One of the difficult parts about new interventions or information is how to start applying it to your life TODAY. Come join other foster and adoptive parents for a time of virtual learning, support, and discussion led by one of our Fostering Hope staff as we talk about the application of trauma-informed care. We will […]