A Future And A Hope

February 25-26, 2022

$30 for Friday  6p-9p
$30 for Saturday 9a-3:30
$50 for both days

Childcare is provided but limited.
It will close when capacity is reached, or on Feb 9.

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First Baptist Georgetown
1333 W University Ave
Georgetown, TX 78628

We are excited to offer the Central Texas community A Future + A Hope Conference 2022 at First Baptist Georgetown. There will be inspiring and excellent presentations to encourage people to engage in foster care and adoption, and high-quality resources to equip caregivers of children.  Along with over 16 breakout sessions to choose from, AFAH will host these two outstanding speakers:

Keynote Speaker
Friday Evening


Dr. Clarence Hill Jr. has been married to Alicia for twenty-two years and has four children ages 7 to 18.

Dr. Hill was in honored in 2020 with an honorary doctorate from Mid America Christian University for his extensive work and trainings in the areas of compassion, unity, reconciliation and justice. He graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a BS in Business Administration and played basketball under Johnny Orr at Iowa State University.

Dr. Clarence Hill Jr. is the founder and lead visionary for the Stronger Together Movement and the Senior Pastor of Antioch Community Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Specializing in social issues and areas of conflict, Dr. Hill has a passion for helping families. He facilitates strategic city collaboratives, conferences, and campaigns. He speaks across the country on the topic of city transformation, racial harmony, leadership, and compassion.


Keynote Speaker

Rosaria Butterfield (PhD, Ohio State University) is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife, homeschool mom, and former professor of English and women’s studies at Syracuse University. She is the author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert; Openness Unhindered; and The Gospel Comes with a House Key.


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February 25
5:30-6:30 6:00-6:30 6:30-8:45
Childcare Check-in Dinner at the Kids' Table Keynote Speaker, Dr. Clarence Hill
February 26
8:30-9:00 9:00-10:15 10:15-2:30 2:30-3:30
Check-In Welcome and Dr. Rosaria Butterfield Breakout Session Rotation and Lunch Take a Chance on Me Film Viewing and Close


"Take a Chance on Me" Video Viewing

This session will be shown as the last general session.

Speakers: Nick and Whitney Runyon

Shifting Our Mindset: Keeping Families Together

Single and Parenting: Building a Strong Support System

Speaker: Lisa Ho

Living With A Power Struggle: Parenting Teens

Speaker: Jacob Huerca

Disporportionality in The Texas Foster Care System

Speaker: Tonya Collins

Saying Yes: Taking My Next Right Step

Speaker: Krista Ruff, LCSW

Feeling Alone: Navigating a Kinship Placement

Remaining Hopeful In The Grief

Speaker: Amber Chessar, MS, LPC, NCC

Until There Are Enough Homes: Effectively Engaging Your Church in the Foster Care Crisis

Parenting Toward Resilience: A TBRI Overview

   Speaker: Janice Reyes, TBRI® Practitioner

Navigating the Foster Care System

Speaker: Judge Ryan Larson 

Adoptee Voices

The Science of Hope

In this introductory session, we will review the neuroscience and attachment research, and develop an understanding of how the heart, mind, body, and soul heal from complex trauma. This training can grow our compassion and lead to healing, transformation, and hope in the life of the people you serve! When you understand that a one's behavior can be rooted in their early history, it can help you see the need behind their behavior and support their healing.
This session is for those who serve people in any way, including ministry leaders, parents, teachers, and community members.

Speaker: Anna Valdez

What About My Kids Who Are Already Home

Expanding Cross Cultural Relations


The Joy of Adoption

Their Side of The Story: The Voices of Youth Who Have Aged Out

Speaker: Jordan Hope Vera