Family Day is on February 25, 2017 and it is for people who have children placed with them or who are exploring the fostering and adoption options.  There are breakout sessions that are specific to the variety of options.  Whether you have a child in your home, you are thinking about fostering/adopting or if you want to learn about supporting roles, there are sessions for you.

We will post our breakout sessions completely by Nov 1, but highlights include:

Keynote Speaker: Jason Johnson, blogger, author, Director of Church Initiatives, CAFO and native Texan

Breakout Speakers Highlights:

Dr. Ken Wilgus, Ph.D.- Author of Feeding the Mouth that Bites You. an expert in parenting teens.

Dr. Chris Thurman, Ph.D. – Author of The Lies We Believe and expert in relational psychology

Amy Curtis – Director of Buckner Post-Placement and Counseling Services, expert in family crisis

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